ASMBYC High Point Series
Conditions and Rules

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ASMBYC High Point Series
Conditions & Rules 2017 – 2020

The annual High Point Series consists of 12 races, six races each from each of our two harbors, King Harbor and Marina del Rey. The organizing authority is the Association of Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs. The individual races are hosted by member Yacht Clubs of the Association. All Notices of Race, Sailing Instructions and fees are issued and specified by the host clubs. The scheduled High Point Series events consist of PHRF, One‐Design, Cruiser and/or Mariner classes (H Fleet). When a High   Point event includes multiple races, the High Point race is the second race of the day.

An entrant in the High Point Series is an individual who is named in the race results of the designated High Point Race, and who is a member in good standing of an ASMBYC club. Boat must participate in six (6) races to qualify.


Two perpetual trophies are to be properly engraved and awarded at the ASMBYC Annual Installation Dinner, usually
held in January of the year following the series.

The perpetual trophies are:
“The High Point Championship Trophy” awarded to the entrant having the highest score as computed above.
“The Home Harbor Trophy” awarded to the entrant who normally sails out of the other harbor than that of the recipient of the High Point Championship Trophy, and has the highest score among those based at his home harbor.

Note: The above Conditions and Rules are always available here on the ASMBYC website, along with the current scores. The designated races for this series are listed in the ASMBYC calendar, and here on the website. Any updates/changes in qualifying races due to conflict or cancellation shall be posted on the ASMBYC website.

How The High Point is Scored

The entrant’s score in each High Point event will be computed depending on his/her position in the scoring and on
the number of boats sailing in his/her class.

The score is determined by the following formula:
((number of boats beaten + 1)/ number of boats entered in her class) X 100 and rounded to the nearest integer. A score of DNF, OCS, DSQ, or RAF will establish participation in an event. When an entrant is sailing in a race at other than the entrant’s home harbor, his/her score for that race will be increased to 130% of the score calculated above. This increase applies only to boats berthed in a harbor located within Santa Monica Bay.

Final Score:
Boat must participate in six (6) races to qualify for the series.
The total of an entrant’s best six scores will be the basis for receiving an award.

The ASMBYC High Point Series awards those skippers who sail often. At the beginning of the year ASMBYC selects six races from each harbor and designates them in the calendar as High Point events. No Highpoint Series entry is required. Boat must participate in six (6) races to qualify for the series.The best six races are scored. Entrants from Marina del Rey receive a 30% bonus when they sail in an event in King Harbor, and entrants from King Harbor receive a 30% bonus when they sail in an event in Marina del Rey. Entrants must be a member in good standing of an ASMBYC yacht club.

A boat is given points based on the results of their race using the following formula: {[(number of boats beaten + 1)/number of boats entered in her class] X 100}, rounded to the nearest whole number. If a boat is from a yacht club of a harbor other than the organizing club, the boat shall receive a bonus of +30%. For scoring purposes, a score of DNF, OCS, DSQ or RAF will establish participation in an event. A race abandoned is not scored. Six races must be completed to qualify for the series.

Example: 30 boats are entered in a California YC event, 6 boats in Class A. A boat from King Harbor YC finishing second in that class would be scored as follows:

{[(4+1)/6](100)} = 83.333 rounded = 83

Harbor Bonus: (83)(1.30) = 107




# 1 – January 6 – Saturday
Malibu and Return – DRYC

# 2 – February 3 – Saturday
John Walti Regatta – RBYC

# 3 – March 3 – Saturday
Les Storrs Regatta – SCCYC

# 4 -March 24 – Saturday
Spin 2 Trans Harbor – KHYC

# 5 – May 05 – Saturday
Point Dume, Berger #3 – DRYC

# 6 – May 12 – Saturday
Malibu and Return, Spin #3 – KHYC

# 7 – May 20 – Sunday
Pacific Cup #1 – CYC

# 8 – July 8 – Sunday
Pacific Cup #2 – CYC

# 9 – August 4 – Saturday
Spin #5 Matt Walsh- KHYC

#10 – August 11 – Saturday
Chuck Stein Random Leg – PMYC

#11 – September 22 – Saturday
Spin #6 Windward/Leeward- KHYC

#12 – October 6 – Saturday
Castillion Classic – RBYC


MATTHEW McGRATH on Fleeboflam
625 points

473 points


Contact the 2018 High Point Coordinator - David Doeh

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