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ASMBYC MDR Buoy Update

Team 2 is going to work on the ground tackle soon at CYC.

The missing marks are T, AA, A, F, G (Recently sank) and we are adding a new U mark (final letter designation to be determined).

The first mark we will drop will be T mark. Our new diver Nigel Gale will also attempt to salvage G mark based on the GPS location with a Grapple hook. We’ll see what happens.

ASMBYC MDR Buoy Update

The work party built 5 marks, just waiting for ground tackle, and 1 more mark was 2/3 built. We even did a float test. The number of volunteers was awesome. Maybe 20 people showed up throughout the day. This is called TEAMWORK!If you hit these marks on the ocean you have to answer to me :)Roberto Cordero – MDR Buoy ChairSee the rest of the photos on our Facebook page.

MDR Home Port Regatta Reminder

If you have never raced, now is the time!

This Saturday: 2010-11-06

Marina del Rey’s Homeport Regatta is hosted by PMYC this year.

For details, poster, and NOR go to: