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An Honor

It is such an honor to be the Commodore of this prestigious institution, one that has been around since 1962.  This year we have a new web site and great new social networking tools.

New Chairs

Historian Chair: DRYC 1965 S/C David Feinstein will make sure that our decisions are informed and guided by memories of the institution
State Affairs Chair: Anne Sacks, President of Recreational Boaters of California
Local Government Chair: David Lumian of Fairwind Yacht Club
Angler Chair: Vic Jedlicka of Del Rey Yacht Club

Regular Activities

We have planned a more extensive Safety in Sailing Seminar headed by Fleet Surgeon Dr. Norm Carabet, which will involve actual demonstrations.

We continue our Racers Forum to confront the current issues of our sailors, and this will be the 2nd year of the Interharbor Challenge Regatta.

Looking Forward

All in all, it will be a very busy year at ASMBYC and I look forward to seeing all of our delegates at the first regular meeting of ASMBYC, on Thursday, February 11th at 7:00 p.m. at South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club.

Roberto Cordero
2010 ASMBYC Commodore

Shift Happens

Bruce Warren of DRYC with the Martin 242 “Hard Habit” has a t-shirt that says “Shift Happens.” Indeed it does.

Social Networking

On the web the shift has been pronounced. The social networking side of the course is heavily favored. That’s why ASMBYC now has a presence in social media. Look in the right column under Follow for links to our Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook pages. Posts to our Facebook page will show up in the Facebook widget in the left column.


In the right column under Upcoming Events, click on an event and you’ll go to the event blog post. For the yearly calendar, use the menu in the header to switch to the Calendar page where you can go forward and backward a month at a time.


You can search the site using the search box in the right column or organize blog posts by category.


If you are sailing upwind towards a fixed point and the wind shifts to allow you to sail closer to the direct course to the mark then that’s a lift. What we get when many people are commenting, uploading pictures and video, and conversing with each other is a lift. Let’s take advantage of it.

Joseph Karr O’Connor
Web Site Chair

New Year’s Malibu and Return

Title: New Year’s Malibu and Return
Location: DRYC
Description: High Point Race
Series: Berger/Stein
Marks: MdR
Date: 2010-01-02

ASMBYC Installation Brunch

Title: ASMBYC Installation Brunch
Location: DRYC
Description: Installation brunch for ASMBYC officers.
Date: 2010-01-10